Paul Novack has achieved significant success as an attorney at law, as an elected official, and as an advocate for democracy and progress on an international level. Continuously for over three decades, he has been recognized for outstanding ethics and professional legal ability by the internationally respected organization Martindale Hubbell. The highest possible rating was bestowed upon Mr. Novack by members of the Bar, including judges and attorneys, and that rating continues today with his recognition as a Preeminent Attorney.

Attorney Novack has represented thousands of clients, and has successfully litigated numerous cases in the Circuit Court’s Civil Division, Family Division, Probate Division, and Criminal Division. His law office is renowned for its level of professionalism, service and ability. Paul was honored in 2020 with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Family Action Network Movement (FANM), in 2018 by the Judges of the Miami-Dade County Court who selected Attorney Novack to give the Invocation at Law Day ceremonies for the Court, state, county and local officials, in 2016 by the Dade County Bar Association for outstanding service to the Bar and the public for “Significant Contributions to Providing Access to Justice”, and in 2011 when he was inducted into the Miami Beach High School Hall of Fame.​

In 2020, the Director of the Florida Highway Patrol appointed Paul to the FHP Advisory Council, to assist and advise FHP on statewide policies, programs, and operations to help improve the level of service to the citizens of Florida. Just months later, he was tasked with being the Chair of the Advisory Council’s new legislative committee. He also currently serves as Lead Investigator and Legal Counsel for a volunteer citizens team working cold case, organized crime homicide cases. Their work has produced historic revelations and exposure of culpability for murders, corruption, and organized crime in Florida, and the team has now linked 40 homicides which they have under active current investigation.


Paul is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He served as President of the student body and is accredited as an all-time U student leader. He earned a Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Law, serving as an Editor of Law Review and as Chief Justice of the Honor Court. Later, Paul completed the Executive Program in “Crisis Management: Exercising Leadership in Extraordinary Times,” at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Mr. Novack served six terms as Mayor of the Town of Surfside and a prior term as Town Commissioner, and never lost an election. Mayor Novack authored ground-breaking ethics and conflict of interest prohibition ordinances, led the Town through twelve consecutive balanced budgets, and consistently administered a public interest-based zoning policy that preserved the community’s character and scale. He sponsored historic legislation and Town Charter changes that gave town residents the power to reverse major zoning decisions of town officials. He engineered and achieved new Florida State law on fire safety in all of Florida’s public school facilities. Mayor Novack is recognized throughout Florida as a vigilant protector of community integrity, public safety, quality of life, and public service principles and ideals.

Paul has served on the Oversight Board for Miami Dade County Public Schools, the Miami-Dade County’s Economic Development Committee, the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of the Florida League of Cities, the Board of Directors of two Synagogues, and on the Board of Directors of the South Florida Shomrim Jewish Law Enforcement Officers Society. Paul personally led several emergency disaster relief delivery missions into Haiti, and has organized disaster relief projects for Honduras and the Dominican Republic. He led efforts to train Mayors from dozens of cities in Haiti to enable them to build effective democratic systems. He has been named Humanitarian of the Year multiple times by international organizations, and he was named Florida’s most outstanding leader on issues of growth management and the environment.

Mr. Novack is a life long supporter of law enforcement and military personnel, and has led many commemorations of Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and tributes to those who have served in military, law enforcement, and national service. His record includes many civilian roles including Flotilla Staff Officer in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Captain in the Civil Air Patrol/Air Force Auxiliary, Associate Member of the Naval War College, and President of the South Florida Military Museum and Memorial Project. Today, he serves on the Board of Directors of the South Florida Aerospace Scholarship Corporation, providing scholarships to Air Force cadets at colleges and universities. Attorney Novack also serves on the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council and appointed in 2021 to the District Wide Safety and Security Committee of the Miami-Dade County Public School system. His family team sponsors a non-profit organization that provides support and scholarships for youth school music programs (1308 Productions).


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