Paul Novack on NBC miami

A team of civilians, residents of Surfside, took up the task of investigating a 55-year-old cold case and their unwavering efforts led to a closed case.

“It was like a humongous onion. You just had to keep peeling and peeling to get to the center,” Paul Novack said. 

Novack is one of five Surfside residents who made it their mission to ensure Danny Goldman’s case was not forgotten. 

10 years ago, Novack and his colleagues formed a volunteer investigative team and re-opened Danny’s cold case. The group began a relentless search for answers along with the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Cold Case Unit. 

“For 55 years there were no answers to what happened,” Novack said. 

The day before his 18th birthday, in March 1966, Danny Goldman was kidnapped from his Surfside home. The intruder demanded a ransom, but the call for the money never came.

“We have reason to believe that Danny was murdered shortly after the kidnapping and his remains were disposed of in the ocean,” Novack said.

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