In a remarkable display of investigative prowess, South Florida attorney Paul Novack, known for his solo practice in personal injury law, has cracked one of the oldest cold cases in Florida history. The case in question is the high-profile murder of wealthy produce merchant Joseph DiMare, which took place on March 24, 1961. With the assistance of Novack and his cold case team, Miami-Dade homicide detectives have now confirmed that Joseph’s wife, Frances DiMare, was the one who pulled the trigger. This revelation has brought closure to a mystery that has lingered for over six decades.

Novack’s journey into cold case investigations began when he led a group of investigators to help the Miami-Dade Police Department solve the disappearance of 17-year-old Danny Goldman, who was abducted from his family home in 1966. Following the successful resolution of the Goldman case, Novack turned his attention to the DiMare case. His investigation revealed a complex web of connections, suggesting that the DiMare murder and the Goldman kidnapping were related and had ties to organized crime in South Florida during the latter half of the 20th century.

Despite the passage of time and the many challenges that come with investigating cold cases, Novack’s relentless pursuit of the truth has finally paid off. His work has not only brought closure to the DiMare family but also shed light on the intricate web of organized crime that once operated in South Florida. For more details on this fascinating story, visit The Florida Bar News.