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Friends of murdered teen help solve case 55 years later

More than 50 years later, Paul Novack believes he knows what happened to his childhood friend, Danny Goldman.

Goldman’s boyhood friends have waited 55 years for closure. Goldman was kidnapped in front of his family in their Florida home when he was 17, and later murdered.

Inspired by a letter written by Goldman’s mother that asked her son never be forgotten, and angered by the mysterious circumstances surrounding their friend’s death, his childhood friends set out to solve his murder.

Novack, one of Goldman’s childhood friends who helped solve the case, said on “NewsNation Prime” that Danny’s kidnapping and murder was “off the charts” as far as cold case lists and missing persons reports go.

“There was nothing happening and that couldn’t stand,” Novack said. “We decided a 17-year-old cannot be taken from his family home and then the whole situation get forgotten, so we set out to make sure that wouldn’t happen.”

All these years later they determined it was the mafia who killed Goldman.

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