We want to help spread information to people who spent time at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina between 1953 and 1987, as well as their families. There is a new federal law that affects the rights of victims of water contamination at the base, in addition to the pre-existing potential VA benefits. Everyone should become aware of new law, and rights, and procedures.

If you or a close family member suffered illnesses and diseases after being at Camp LeJeune during that period of time, you should get fully informed, check eligibility status, retain legal counsel, and protect and enforce the rights that have been established by law passed in August 2022 by the US House of Representatives and the US Senate and signed by the President.

In 2012, the Department of Veterans Affairs released a list of presumptive conditions related to water contamination at Camp LeJeune. The conditions on the list include cancer, kidney disease, and liver disease. There is a detailed list of all presumptive conditions publicly available. Veterans who served at Camp LeJeune during the particular period time period may be eligible for disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides public information about those benefits and claims. But there is also new information about rights of victims.

On August 10, 2022, the President signed federal legislation passed with bipartisan support that includes provisions about new law suits from victims of water contamination at Camp LeJeune. Known as the PACT Act, which includes the Camp LeJeune Justice Act, this legislation provides a new path to file a claim and suit against the government and any corporations which contributed to the water contamination.

Those now allowed to sue for monetary compensation are service members, workers, and their families who lived at Camp LeJeune for 30 days or more between 1953 and 1987. There are statutory and judicial requirements of procedures, eligibility, proof of time there, and proof of medical conditions that must be met. The assistance of legal counsel to comply with requirements and deadlines is essential.

Certain types of evidence, proof, will be necessary. This is not a money give-away and fraud is against the law. For people who have suffered terrible consequences of water contamination at the base, this is a historic change in policy and law that gives victims new rights that had never existed before. Evidence, reliable proof, will be necessary to establish anyone’s right to compensation. This is a serious situation, with an opportunity for victims to receive compensation.

It is vital to obtain and preserve evidence such as: Documents proving that the victim was at Camp LeJeune for at least 30 days sometime between 1953 and 1987:

  • Military service records indicating dates and locations served.
  • Medical records from hospitals and doctors showing conditions and diagnoses.
  • Medical bills.
  • Records of claims, benefits, payments, disability findings, and related records of the VA, medical or health or disability insurance companies.

We are here to personally discuss any questions you may have, any appropriate referrals or resources that you may need, and any legal representation that you would desire.

There are numerous details and requirements of the new law, with much yet to be defined and developed. There will be deadlines and limitations, and administrative and/or pre-suit conditions will be required. Compliance and cooperation will be mandatory.

Often, medical records are destroyed by health care providers after a period of time. All victims, families, claimants should quickly obtain all possible documentation, all current information about the new law and its process, and to retain counsel promptly. Any failure to comply with requirements, mandates and conditions could result in a claim being denied, a suit being barred or dismissed, or other unfavorable action. We want everyone to know that the law has changed and that legitimate rights should be preserved, protected, and enforced, whether our office represents you or not. Please get informed immediately.

Attorneys throughout the country will be representing victims of water contamination at Camp LeJeune. A Federal Court will administer the procedures and adjudicate the cases in accordance with its judicial authority and all applicable law. If our office can assist you with legal representation, please call us at 305-947-3000

For everyone who has ever served in any capacity at any location, thank you.