Paul Novack, a member of the Florida Bar and the Florida Highway Patrol’s statewide advisory council, recently provided critical assistance to state troopers during the Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in Southwest Florida. Novack’s story was recently covered in an article on The Florida Bar website, and it highlights the important role that members of the Bar play in helping their local communities during times of crisis. Novack loaded his jeep with supplies and headed to Southwest Florida to help those who were first on the scene, providing logistical support for the troopers in the field. Novack’s efforts were critical in helping those affected by the hurricane, and they serve as an example of how members of the Florida Bar can make a real difference in their local communities. If you would like to learn more about Novack’s story and how the Florida Bar is working to support its members during times of crisis, click here to read the full article on The Florida Bar website.